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In this tour, you will visit Ibusuki area which is located at south of Kagoshima.

At first you will visit the Lake Ikeda which is the biggest lake in Kyushu.There are several tales about Lake Ikeda that are still being told today. More than 150 years ago, according to an Edo era book, the following story was written. “A giant dragon god is living in Lake Ikeda so all boats are prohibited from entering it. If you do not obey this rule, bizarre phenomena such as storms will occur”. As there are no other high mountains nearby, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of Mt. Kaimon from any location. Mt. Kaimon, 924m above sea level and selected as one of the hundred best mountains in Japan. It is the symbol of the southernmost part of the Satsuma peninsula and is also known as Satsuma-Fuji. Next stop will be Tosen gorges for having the lunch. You will experience the noodles chilled with cold water that has been certified to the best waters hundred election. After having the lunch, you will visit the Kamafuta Shrine. “Kamafuta” means “a pot rid”. It is said that if you put a pot rid keeping on your head and walk from the torii gate to the place where people pray , your wish will come true. Finally move back to the port.

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