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Kuju-ku Islands is a group of islands along the intended coast to the northwest of Sasebo city within a range of 30 km. It is called "Kujuukushima" in Japanese.

"Kuju-ku" means "99", but it has the meaning of "many". In this tour, you will firstly visit Yumihari park, an observatory which dominates the whole landscape of the port of Sasebo and South Kujukushima. You can enjoy the splendid view of the downtown. Then you will go to Kujukushima pearl sea resort which is located in Sasebo city of Nagasaki Prefecture. The facility has an aquarium, cruising boat, eateries and souvenir shops. There are many options for cruising on the water and visitors are able to enjoy the sea of Kujukushima. Enjoy both cruising and aquarium. The aquarium at Kujukushima Pearl Sea Resort is ‘’Umi-kirara’’. It is a reproduction of the sea of Kujukushima and is a community-based aquarium. One of the main features is the Jellyfish which approximately 100 types of jellyfish found in the waters of Kujukushima. It is the largest exhibition of jellyfish in Japan and visitors are able to enjoy soothing music while viewing the light of the jellyfish. The giant aquarium is also a must-see. At the souvenir shop, visitors can buy locally caught fish as well as gifts, as well as buy and/or rent canoes. Lastly, go to the Local Souvenir shop and have some shopping time and go back to the pier.

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