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Descrição Let us follow in the footsteps of the locals who use the underground every day to see the most spectacular stations, decorated like true modern pieces of art, and lose ourselves in the maze of the city centre alleyways followed by a walk to appreciate the historical part of the capital at our own leisure.

O que nós vemos

  • Underground station itinerary
  • T-Centralen and Stadion
  • Snack at Östermalmshallen
  • Guided walk of the old city
  • Stortorget and Stock Exchange Buildings
  • Mårten Trotzigs gränd

O que nós fazemos

  • On our coach, we reach Strömgatan, one of the main streets in the city centre, to discover the wonderful capital of Sweden **like true locals**.
  • Just like most Stockholm inhabitants, who need to move around the city for work or to make errands, we start our tour from the **fascinating underground stations**, some of which are true works of art with a wealth of shapes and colours, each with a different theme.
  • We start from **T-Centralen**, the main hub for the various lines. The blue line is a coloured grotto with enchanting flower drawings and outlines of men at work. We then reach **Stadion**, located near the Olympic Stadium and characterised by colourful elements as well as a rainbow near the platform.
  • We continue our tour as far as Östermalmstorg, where we surface to enjoy a **snack in the historic Östermalmshallen**, a magnificent covered market set up in the welcoming atmosphere of a spectacular building erected in 1888.
  • After our break, we take the underground to the city centre where we go on a **guided walking tour of the old city** or Gamla Stan between picturesque squares and characteristic cobbled alleyways winding their way among ancient and elegant buildings with Baroque doors.
  • We cross **Stortorget**, the centre’s main square around which the city grew in the 1300s. It is home to the **Stock Exchange Building**, the headquarters of the Nobel Museum and the Swedish Academy, among others.
  • We take a peek at the narrowest alleyway in Stockholm called **Mårten Trotzigs gränd**, which climbs up with 36 steps that are only 90 centimetres wide.
  • After our guided tour, we have some free time to **explore the old city at our leisure** before getting back on our coach when we please with the shuttle bus.