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    City Tour, Cultural, Meal included

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In this tour you can fully enjoy the best of Hamada. Firstly you go to Sanku shrine, and see the most famous Japanese traditional dance permormance 'Kagura' Kagura Amongst famous Japanese traditional performing arts like Kabuki and Noh, Kagura is the oldest with its origin in ancient Japanese mythology.
Specifically in western Shimane, referred to as the Iwami region, it is called “Iwami Kagura”. It is very popular for its entertaining features, such as the use of sound and visual effects to engage the audience in the performance. Next, go to Iwami Tatamigaura Beach, which is a scenic area that was created when the sea floor was raised by an earthquake. It has become a beautiful seaside park with white sand of Kokufu beach as well as blue pine. After that you go to AQUAS Aquarium. AQUAS is an aquarium which houses over 10,000 marine creatures from 400 species. The aquarium is famous for the cute beluga whales. Their charming performance called “bubble rings”, which are made by belugas exhaling from their blowholes, is the one you cannot miss. 
After enjoying the local food at the restaurant, we go back to the pier.

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