Kushimoto Family Tour

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    City Tour, Naturalista, Lunch not included

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On this tour, you will visit family-friendly sightseeing spots in Kushimoto.
Hashikui rocks are a unique landscape formed by erosion by the sea.
They are about 850 metres long, and approximately 40 tower-like rocks stand individually.
This site has been designated a national nature treasure and a beauty spot (in 2007).
Kushimoto Marine Park was the first marine park established in Japan. The park is located along Sabiura Coast in Kushimoto. Kuroshio current laps the coast, and the sea water is clear and warm all year round. In the sea, a lot of coral and colourful tropical fish make for a beautiful underwater world. Many coral reef creatures live among the coral colonies and they form the most northerly coral reef ecosystem in the world.
Kushimoto coral communities were registered on the Ramsar Convention list in 2005.
Taiji Whale Museum is a large complex that includes an aquarium and both dolphin and whale pools, in addition to a museum with various whale-related displays. Dolphin and whale shows are held several times a day.

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