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Welcome to the half day tour in Miyakojima. This tour stops at the photogenic spots. First stop is at Nishi Hennasaki Observatory where you'll see emerald green ocean, bridge, and windmills. Before returning port, you'll visit at Miyakojima Underwater Park which is one of the newest spot where you can interact with rich marine resources. In the observation facility, you can touch the undersea world filled with mystery of Miyakojima with wearing clothes regardless of age or gender.

O que nós vemos
  • Nishi Hennazaki Cape
  • Miyakojima Kaichu Park
  • Shopping mall

O que nós fazemos
  • We leave the port behind us to reach Nishi Hennazaki Cape** on the northern tip of the island of Miyakojima overlooking the blue sea and covered in low vegetation often swept by the wind.
  • We climb to the top of the promontory where we find a panoramic viewpoint, the perfect place to take amazing pictures and see the long bridge connecting Miyakojima to the small island of Ikema.
  • Our next stop is Miyakojima Kaichu Park, an aquarium where we can admire local underwater creatures like real divers while remaining perfectly dry. 24 clear panels make it possible to spot many tropical fish and octopuses swimming undisturbed.
  • Before heading back to the ship, we indulge in some shopping in a mall where we can buy souvenirs and mementoes that will forever remind us of our trip to Japan.

O que saber
  • Comfortable walking shoes are recommended. 
  • We recommend purchasing Japanese Yens on board. 
  • Guests with mobility problems and those in wheelchairs will be assisted while getting on and off the coach. 
  • English & other European tour guides are subject to availability.