Sightseeing tour of the island of Miyakojima

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    City Tour, Cultural, Shopping, Lunch not included

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This is the Best Of Miyakojima which visits popular sightseeing places in Miyakojima. The first visit of the tour is Higashi-Hennazaki is the southeastern cape which is stuck out into a cobelt blue sea. At the tip of the two kilometer long, narrow peninsula stands a handsome lighthouse. This is chosen as one of The Nationally designated scenic spot. Before returning port, bus stops at the Ueno German Culture Village where the locals rescured a German crew from a shipwreck off the Coast of Miyakojima Island in 1800s.Later a replica of the ship was built to commemorate this event and a strong relationship between the people of Miyakojima and Germany was born. Today it has the Museum of Philanthropy.

O que nós vemos

• Cape Higashi-Hennazaki
• White lighthouse
• Ueno German Culture Village and Museum of Philanthropy

O que nós fazemos

• Our tour of the island of Miyakojima starts with a visit to the cape of Higashi-Hennazaki in the south-eastern part of the island and lapped by the Pacific Ocean to the left and the East China Sea to the right. It Is a narrow flat stretch of land that stands out from the cobalt blue of the sea and named after its position (“Higashi” means East, where the Sun rises).
• The promontory is a couple of km long and 160 metres wide, while the water is approximately 20 metres deep. * A snowy white lighthouse is perched on the peak offering amazing views from the observation bridge.
• This place has been declared one of Japan's top one hundred scenic spots.
• Before returning to the port and the ship, we stop at the Ueno German Culture Village, nowadays a theme park reminiscent of the place where the locals saved a German crew from a shipwreck off the coast during the 19th century. A reduced scale copy of the ship was built to commemorate the event and, from that moment onwards, a strong link was forged between the people of the island and Germany.
• The village is also home to the Museum of Philanthropy.

O que saber

• The Ocean Sky Lift may be cancelled without prior warning depending on weather conditions. • Comfortable walking shoes are recommended. • We recommend purchasing Japanese Yens on board. • Guests with mobility problems and those in wheelchairs will be assisted while getting on and off the coach. • Itinerary sequence may vary without prior warning.

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