Vladivostok Landmarks

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    City Tour, Cultural, Lunch not included

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Your bus departs from the pier of the Sea Terminal which is located in the center of the city, its outstanding architectural buildings and memorable sights. You can enjoy an excellent view of the bay during the bus ride along Golden bridge, a unique construction across the Golden Horn Bay which provides reliable transport connection between the city districts and the network of federal auto roads of the country. The total length of the bridge is 2.1 kilometers, 737 meters of it above the sea. Continuing we will have a brief stop at Eagles Nest viewpoint (with a monument to St. Kirill and Methodiy on the top), an observation platform which affords panoramic views of the city. Then you will drive to Vladivostok Fortress which was planned to be a military post for the defense of the southern fronties on the Pacific. Plenty of hills and hights was the main and decisive factor in choosing the place because it was necessary setting the observation posts and artillery batteries. Your tour will continue with a photo stop in Central Square - the place of various meetings and demonstrations.Begun in the 1960s. The Central Square is officially known as the "Square of the Fighters for Soviet Power in the Far East." In the center stands a monument which central focus is a trumpeter - the symbol of Vladivostok - often depicted on souvenir pins, books and brochures.Then enjoy views of Sports` Harbor, favorite place for local outings. Examine Scientific Historical museum (on your own visit) with its modern and well-equipped halls, a real gift to the dwellers and guests of Vladivostok. The museum displays and collections focus on the geography, history, nature and development of Russia’s Primorsky Territory. Optionally you can view the Orthodox Church, which is located just in front of the museum.

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Please Note: the order of the itinerary may vary.The bus ride depends on the order of the itinerary. Space is limited, therefore we strongly suggest to book early. Due to travel season in Japan, heavy traffic jam will be expected. There is no time to exchange money in the port, preparing local money or Usd/Euro is strongly recommended. The clear view of the landscape is subject to the weather conditions. Wear low-heeled, comfortable walking shoes. Guides are limited in number, in case Korean speaking guide will not be available the tour will run in Japanese.

English & other European tour guides are subject to availability. ?