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In this tour, you will visit one of the most famous springs in Japan and enjoy night view from Mt. Rokkosan Observatory.
Arima Hot Spring (Onsen), Japan’s most famous hot spring town, lies deep in the north of the Rokko Mountain range behind Kobe city. It is the oldest hot spring town in Japan, founded 1300 years ago. Since days of old, It has been well known as a timeless spa resort where Emperor, numerous famous court nobles, samurai, and other great minds visited.
Mt. Rokkosan Observatory is an unique observatory at the top of Mt. Rokko, which has become another landmark of Kobe. It was designed by the remarkable architect, Hiroshi Sambuichi.The outside of the observatory is all covered in small frames, which have been designed with the image of leaves of a big tree. Each frame lets an air in and go into an ice room (where natural ice made in winter season is kept in) inside the observatory in order to cool it.

O que nós vemos

• Mount Rokko
• Arima spa
• Bath in an onsen
• Rokko-Shidare observatory

O que nós fazemos

• We leave the port behinds us on a coach and head to Mount Rokko north-east of Kobe, the highest peak of the mountain range.
• The first stop is the Arima Onsen, on the north side of the mountain and one of the oldest hot springs in Japan which was frequented by court noblemen, samurai and other illustrious people 1300 years ago.
• We will have the opportunity of bathing in an authentic onsen, a very popular activity in Japan, where the philosophy of “naked communion” reigns, enabling social barriers to fall and making it easier to make friends in a relaxed familiar environment.
• We then continue our excursion by reaching the summit of mount Rokko to visit another symbol of Kobe: the Rokko-Shidare observatory. Designed by Hiroshi Sambuichi, it is covered with a dome structure made up of mesh panels that resemble a tree and filters air thus regulating the temperature within the building with ingenious systems to recover rainwater, snow and frost.
• From the platform, we can take in the amazing panoramic views over Kobe and the bay of Osaka and admire the vast territory at the foothills of Mount Rokko.

O que saber

• Itinerary sequence may vary. • The length of the coach transfer depends on the itinerary. • We recommend that you book early because only a limited number of places are available. • Traffic jams are to be expected during tourist season. • Money cannot be exchanged in the port, we recommend buying Japanese currency beforehand. • Visibility during the tour is subject to weather conditions. • Comfortable shoes with a low heel are recommended. • Mount Rokko's cable car ticket not included. • Bathing suits are not allowed and people with tattoos may not enter the onsen.