Aquarium & Shopping in Kagoshima without lunch

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After deparing from port, bus stops at Ishibashi memorial park.Towards the end of the Edo Period the Lord of Satsuma brought mason and bridge builder Iwanaga Sangoro from Higo, now Kumamoto Prefecture, to build five stone bridges, known as the Gosekkyo, across the Kotsuki River in Kagoshima. Next stop will be Taiga drama museum which is the museum of popular Japanese drama. We will see the beautiful history of Takamori Saigo who is a hero of Kagoshima.After that we will go to IO WORLD KAGOSHIMA aquarium, the highlight of the tour. Its showcases the diverse collection of marine life using exhibits organized according to theme. This includes the Kurosio Current and the waters off the Nansei Islands on the second floor and the waters off Kagoshima on the fourth floor that focuses on Kinko Bay. Before returning to the port, you'll visit Tenmonkan for shopping. You'll find Kagoshima's popular souvenirs, confections, shochu and more.

There are some popular shops such as 'Shirokuma' shave ice, and Kagoshima Ramen.

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